there have been too many hidden stories behind the brand

Hermes’s window has a very high artistic level. Paris’s Saint Honore Road’s Holmes headquarters is the hall of worship of the global window designer. There are even galleries in the shop. At the beginning, every year, the products of the Humès products set a theme, such as fireworks, music, Africa, and hands, and then re-integrated into the popular elements of the year. All the designs are centered around this theme. She does not have to worry about the long production time of the product and the small production aa that will affect the revenue. Brands with long history and rich connotations, such as Dior of France, Givenchy, Fendi of Italy, Loewe of Spain… They use high-profile expansion of capital, mass production in the assembly line, and commercial packaging of them.

Time has created extravagance. In the turbulence of time, there have been too many hidden stories behind the brand, such as the fresh emperor, or the founder’s talent and hardship, or his indissoluble bond with the star, and even family disputes. Having survived the test of time, experienced the choices of perseverance and renunciation, and maintained the connotation in innovation, it was meticulous in craftsmanship and quality, and the pursuit of beauty was inexhaustible—and it was enough to make some changes in yourself. The founder’s surname Is a stylish British import perfume.

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