divide their families Fake Cartier Watch

Once upon a time there was a wealthy old man who left two sons after his death. The brothers lived under one roof for a while in accordance with the custom of Indian tradition. After a long time, they began to have a quarrel, so they decided to divide their families Fake Cartier Watch, distribute all the households equally, and handle the family in half way. But after the brothers were all divided, they found a pack of things carefully collected by their father. When opened, it was found to be two rings, one with a valuable diamond on top and the other with a regular silver ring worth only a few rupees. As soon as he saw the diamond ring, his brother immediately became greedy, so he told his brother: ‘I judged that this diamond ring was not earned by the father himself. It must be the heirloom left by his grandfather. This is why the father collected it separately. Because it is a treasure of the family that has been handed down from generation to generation, it should continue to pass on. I am the eldest son, naturally it should be saved by me, and you will take the silver ring!’ The younger brother smiled and said: ‘Okay! I am very happy to have a silver ring, but I hope that the diamond ring will make you happy.’ The two men put their rings on their fingers and went back. When the younger brother came home, he thought: ‘The reason why my father saved the diamond ring is understandable, but what is the reason for saving this worthless silver ring?’ So he carefully examined the silver ring and found a few words on it. ‘This will change too.’ ‘Oh! This must be the rumor left by my father: ‘This will change too!” He put the ring on his finger again. The brothers later faced ups and downs in their life. When encountering good times, my brother became so arrogant that he lost his balance of mind; when he encountered adversity, he became extremely frustrated and did not maintain a balance of mentality. He became nervous and got high blood pressure; he lost insomnia at night, started taking sleeping pills, sedatives, potent drugs, and even needed electric shock treatment. This is the brother who took the diamond ring. As for the younger brother wearing a silver ring, when good luck comes, he enjoys it and does not deliberately avoid it. He enjoys good luck, but he will look at the ring and think: ‘This will change.’ When the good fortune changed, he smiled and said; ‘Well, I knew that it will change after all, and it changed. Nothing. Worried.’ When faced with adversity, he also looked at the ring and thought: ‘This will also change.’ He understands that adversity will also change, without crying. Sure enough, the adversity has changed and it has passed. He realized that all kinds of encounters in life will not be permanent. After all things have arisen, they must be destroyed Cheap Cartier Glasses. He did not lose his balance of heart, so he lived a life of peace and happiness throughout his life. This is the younger brother who got the silver ring.

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